Charlene Nahneen Kula Gibbs

[they/them] is an audio technologist, designer, musician, composer, and writer. Silly!  👍🏽

current projects

︎Ohma World, founder & designer

Multi-disciplinary design workshop that builds bewitching microphones, up-cycled jewelry, and other thoughtful goods.︎︎︎


Banter for chuckling. ︎︎︎

︎Nahneen Kula, band

Self-produced music project; swells of experimental pop, forward harmonies, and unapologectic movements.︎︎︎nahneen spotify

︎Don Valet, band

Literally the best band in the entire multiverse. If we’re not allowed to play music, then no one is allowed to play music.︎︎︎ @donvalet

︎Pomplamoose, band

Background singer and arranger who gets to wink at a camera every month. ︎︎︎pomplamoose youtube

︎The Lene Zine

Writing collaboration with best friend and perpetual pen pal, Jaylene Benggon Chung. ︎︎︎

︎CreativeAdventure Club, doer of all the stuffs

Creating dope-ass shit for music and pro-audio people.︎︎︎@creativeadventureclub


︎nkinstagram ︎nkyoutube



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